Friendship Letter to Best Friend

Date 25th April, 2012

Name/Title Mary Roe
Address 795 E Dragram
City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705

Dearest Carol,

Don’t be shock to see my letter I don’t need any special reason to write to my best friend. We have been friends from childhood and went on to us getting married.

I am proud to have you in my life. I can’t skip any day discussing with you my complete day. You have always understood me and made me understand when I was wrong. You had always supported me even though I was wrong. I don’t have to tell how much I trust you.

It’s hard to find such a helping, caring and trustworthy friend like you. I would like to call you and your hubby for dinner, and share all the moments that we had. I will wait for you to cook together as we use to do earlier.

With Love,

Jessica Martin.

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