Sample Email Signatures

Email signatures are similar to signatures which are put at the end of a letter. However there is a difference in signing one’s name at the end of a letter and putting a signature at the end of an email. A few tips need to be followed when designing an email signature.

1     Do not make the signature too long. It should hardly be four lines

2     Do not add unnecessary information like address, detailed project description etc

3     Do not repeat things that are already stated in the email body like email address, main points etc

4     If its an official mail id remember to include the designation

5     Include quotes but do not make them too long

6     Signature should match with the purpose of the email. Formal emails should have a formal signature and informal emails should have an informal signature.

A few example signatures are as follows

1     Joe Smith,

Assistant Director,

Ready Agency

2     Joe Smith,

Assistant Director,

T: 0052165885

M: 0468656568

Alternate Email: [email protected]

3     Joe Smith | Assistant Director | T: 0052165885 | M: 0468656568

4     Joe Smith,

William Street,


5     Joe Smith,

Assistant Director,

Ready Agency

“Dare to dream and care to achieve”

Download Sample Email Signatures Letter In Word Format

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