Request to cease sending spam second email

<time passed since first e-mail> ago, I e-mailed you to request that you discontinue sending me your advertisements via e-mail. I feel my request was professional and also within the law and my right to privacy. However, I have continued to receive unsolicited e-mail advertisements from your company. I am writing now to insist that you remove me from your e-mail list without delay. I recognize your right to market your products and services using whatever media are available. However, I am entirely within my rights as a consumer to insist on being deleted from any and all mailing lists, just as I would be within my rights to tell a phone solicitor to cease and desist. I expect you to recognize those rights and stop sending me solicitations. Thank you for your immediate attention in this matter. If I receive further e-mail advertisements from you, I shall be forced to take legal action.

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