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Writing letters can seem to be an old-fashioned method in the day of high-tech communication gadgets. However, the written word definitely yields more power than the spoken word and can always stand up to the test of time.

Writing letters can be a daunting task and it can appear more so, depending on the reasons for your writing.

It will be helpful to remember a few things before writing any letter:

The format of writing formal and informal letters varies, so while writing any letter it would be helpful to use a Letter Template which will make writing letters that much easier.

The content obviously is very important in any letter-writing. It is good to keep the sentences short and simple. This helps in conveying the message precisely without any fear of distortions. For example, if you are writing an Acceptance letter it is good to state what it is that you are accepting. It could be a Job acceptance letter or just an interview acceptance letter.

The tone of the sample letter whether it be formal and courteous or polite and friendly will vary depending on the kind of letter you intend to write.  A Farewell letter would obviously be written more warmly than a Donation Request Letter.

It is best to avoid slang and jargon, unless you are writing a casual letter to a close friend or relative, as in the case of a Friendship letter.  However, in a Business letter, it is best to avoid such colloquialism.

The opening paragraph of a letter is important, as it must state the purpose of your writing.  If you are writing an Apology Letter, it is best to start the letter with a “sorry” rather than have a “How is everything?” kind of opening.

The subsequent paragraphs must take the purpose of your writing the letter further. For instance, a Covering Letter would highlight key areas of achievement in the second and third paragraphs.

The letters must preferably end on a positive note and should be unambiguous. For example, the last paragraph in a Recommendation Letter should reiterate the positive points of a person you are recommending.

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