Special Project Donation Letter


Samuel Marley


Aerocort Company

Amoy Building, 1st Floor

Buckingham, UK

13TH February 2012

Subject: Requesting for a fund rising of “ease productivity project”.

Respected Sir,

This letter is in regards for requesting funds for our project. We are 7 people who are working in field of robotics. We want to make a project which is huge and needs lot of funds.

The project named “ease productivity project” is in its initial stages of synchronisation and we are in a need to collect funds to take it forward. Giving you brief details, this project would help in resolving complexities, achieving higher productivities and processing work. Since we are unable to furnish this task ourselves, we request you to kindly donate generously for us. Your donation towards this project would be beneficial to both of us.

For your convenience, we can talk about its terms and conditions that would run mutually. I look forward for a positive response from your side.


Selene Joy

Robotics Club, Joy University


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