Donation Letter Format


[Name of the letter recipient]

[Designation of the recipient]

[Address of the recipient]

[Write the date on which is the letter is sent to the recipient]

Dear _____________ [use an appropriate salutation to address the recipient],

First Paragraph: [In this paragraph, write about the your NGO and the reason of writing the letter to the reader]

Second Paragraph: [In this paragraph, you can write about any event that is upcoming and can ask for the specific amount that you expecting to be donated by the reader]

Third Paragraph: [Provide the contact details and address of your NGO or the email id The sander must thank the donation letter recipient for their support & interest]

You’re sincerely,

[Write the name of the sender]

[Designation of the sender]

[Name of the NGO, association or institution the sender belongs to]


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