School Admission Cover Letter


Office of the Registrar

Desert Storm High school

Any Town, USA 123454

Dear Registrar

I wish to apply for admission to the 9th grade at Desert Storm High School after successful completion of my Junior High School education at Brisbane. I plan to begin studying at the school in the fall of this year.

I was a high achiever at Brisbane and managed a 3.5 GPA at graduation from the 8th grade. I was also active in athletics and football and I believe that this talent will be fully utilized at Desert Storm. At Junior high school, I received several awards and recognitions for exemplary character, tidiness, and organization.

I do hope that my application will be reviewed favorably by the board. I will be eagerly waiting to hear from you. Thank you for your consideration and time.


Strive Patson

Enc: application form, examination certificates, recognition certificates

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