MBA Cover Letter

2nd June, 2007


Mr. Collins Dawson
Senior Partner
Caffman Electronics
Any, Town, MA 353256

Dear Mr. Dawson,

I am a second-year M.Sc student at the Johnson Bridge Graduate School
of Electronics. I am writing to book an appointment with you.
I believe I am ambitious enough and posses professional skills that
can add value to Caffman Electronics. I have my own venture in
designing microchips and capacitors, vital ingredients for the
motherboards that you design. My recent internship with Sony
electronics gave me a wealth of experience which can be utilized by
both ventures if we share ideas.
While at Johnson Bridge, I am undertaking an array of exciting
initiatives aimed at sharpening my skills in thermo capacitors.
Currently, I am working on a project that will revolutionize the
electronics industry through minute micro chipsets. In addition, I am
the President of the Wireless Club.

I would like to have an interview with you to share my experiences and
ideas. Thank you for your consideration

Geoffrey Atkins

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