Job Seeker s Cover Letter

Job Seeker’s Cover Letter

Mr. Collins Wincey

Califlower Medical Suppliers, Inc

There, Town, MA 235644

Dear Mr. Wincey.

My medical supplies experience coupled with my outgoing personality and versatility qualifies me to be a strong contender for a position as a Medical Supplies Representative for Califlower Medical Supplies, Inc.

I recently graduated from Michigan University with a degree in Medical Supplies Management. At college, I was vice chair of both American Medical Suppliers Association and Supplies for Africa, an initiative that voluntarily collected drugs from well wishers for distribution in Africa.

I am a natural go getter, having worked odd jobs such as bartending and newspaper vending to see myself through school. These challenges served to give me a positive outlook, maturity, skills, and abilities essential to embark on a career in medical supplies.

I will be visiting California beginning next month and would like to set up an interview concerning the position. I will place a phone call in advance of my visit to see if I can arrange a meeting with you at your convenience.

Thank you.


Daniel Steelman

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