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1234, Main Street
Boston, MA 02123

01 April, 2005

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I became a customer of <company name> <time you became a customer>, and have had no problems with your <Internet/online> service. However, I recently tried to access Web sites dealing with <subject matter> and was told that the system would access those kind of sites. This seems to be censorship, plain and simple.

I am an adult, and completely capable of deciding what material I want to see and what material I wish to avoid. Since there are many software products available now which allow parents to control what areas of the Web their children can view, there seems to be no reason why <company name> should need to censor its service.

Please contact me and explain why you feel the need to censor what your customers may see online. I will use this information to decide whether or not I wish to remain a customer of <company name>. Thank you for your time.


Robert Anderson

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