Consent Letter Format


Mrs Braganza,


Richmond College of Engineering,


Dear Mrs Braganza,

This is Isabella Gomes, a third year EXTC degree engineering student, writing this letter to seek your consent for participating in a competition organised during the annual event of Viceroy Engineering College. The competition is a project based one involving the apt display of the basics of the robotics field in the project delivered by the individual participants. The participants are required to produce a letter of consent from the principal of their respective college and it is for this reason that this letter has come into effect.

I wish to display the knowledge and efficiency gathered by me in this college on the said platform via my project and I am hopeful that you shall be providing me with your consent as needed for this competitive event. I will be privileged to make my college proud. I am looking forward to a favourable and quick response from your side.

Yours sincerely,

Isabella Gomes

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