Consent Letter For Training


Mr McGonagall,


Royal Engineering College,


Dear Mr McGonagall,

I, Ronald Potter, am writing this letter to put forward a plea for your consent for training. This training is in accordance to the industrial exposure of my academic studies until now. I have successfully completed my third year at the degree engineering course and the details of my results have been enclosed along with this letter. The training will last for 3 weeks during the end of the coming month. This implies that I will be missing the initial ten days of the next term. I wish to convey my assurance that I shall cover up all the academia lost during these days.

The training will help to provide me with the practical understanding of the academic knowledge which I have gathered during the last three years of the engineering course. I am hopeful that an affirmative and quick reply shall be meeting me in response to my plea.

Yours faithfully,

Ronald Potter

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  1. hello sir/mam,
    I want to write a consult letter to my dean for visiting a company.
    so plz suggest me..

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