Congratulation Letter for College Admission

12th May, 2010

Gayatri Bannerjee

12/67 Sonkho Ninad Apartments

AJC Bose Road

Kolkata  700081

West Bengal

Dear Gayatri,

I am extremely happy to know that you have been admitted to the prestigious SRCC College in Delhi. Heartiest congratulations from my side on this achievement. I knew that you always wanted to study in Delhi University and what could be better than SRCC. It has been a long time since we met last time, and before you leave for Delhi, I want you to throw a party for all of us.

I just can’t express how badly I will be missing you here in Kolkata but never the less best of luck in your life and study hard. Always be in touch and do meet me whenever you come here during vacations. I will be always waiting to hear from you. Don’t forget to send me your number once you reach Delhi.

Best Wishes


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