Christian Condolence Letter

Mrs. Merriam Carino

1-A, Rose Lane,

Christian Society,

Taxes, U.S.A

Dear Mrs. Carino

I am shocked to hear from my colleagues about the passing away of your sister Ms. Jackline Carino. I know Ms. Carino from our college days; in fact several times we met in the church before your family shifted to Texas. We both had good times together in our last office as well. I am surprised and my eyes are moist on losing a very good friend. Your family must be shattered with pain and grief. Please accept my sincere condolence on her death.

She was very analytical and sharp in her work and studies.  She has won many awards in her short career. Please be bold to face this sorrowful fact of life and take care of your family as you are the eldest one.

If you need any help, please do let me know any time. My contact number is 5438 943 9498

May her soul rest in peace.

With deepest sympathy,

Rosy Jordan

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