Certification Letter Template

On February 29, 2012


_______________ (Write down the name of the person/group/organization that is to be certified)

_______________ (Specify his/ her designation, if applicable)

________________ (Mention the name of the department he/ she works in, if applicable)

________________ (Mention the name of the company/ institute to which he/ she belongs, if applicable)

________________ (Mention the complete address of the person or the address of the company he/ she belongs to, whichever is applicable)

________________ (Write down the date on which this letter is being sent)

Subject: __________________ [Write down the purpose of writing the letter in not more than one sentence]



Dear ______________ [name of the recipient]


This is to certify that _________ [name of the person who has been certified] has been working with us from (date of joining) to (date of leaving).


He was working as (designation) and was handling (job profile), he was the performer in our team, he was known for (mention quality).


I assure you that you will not regret on hiring him for your company, rather you will thank me for recommending him.


Thanks and Regards,

_____________________ (Write down the name of the person writing the letter)

______________________ (Write down the designation of the person writing the letter)


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