Cancellation Letters

June 4, 2012

Cancellation occurs when an individual or company realize they have made wrong decision about the company or product. Before writing the cancellation letter be sure about your decision. When writing the letter mention about the reason of cancellation clearly so that there is no miss understanding, it is essential to document such a letter comprehensively yet clearly so that the concern person does not misinterpret it.

The language of the letter needs to be clear and short. The tone of the letter should be apologetic as your decision has caused inconvenience to the other person.

The letter should be written in advance so that advance notice is given.

One must write the document with full authentication or certification so that the recipient does not find a scope to deny the receipt of the letter

If you expect for any refund, be sure to add the same in the letter. Give the detail about your membership or subscription for cancellation.

Apart from the following necessary factors, one might not forget to include the kind of action he or she is expecting from the same. This would help the concern authority to act accordingly.


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