Party Wall Agreement Letter

July 29th, 2010.

Mr. K. Satyanarayana,

1-7-16/1; Chaitanyapuri Colony,


Dear Satyanarayana,

With reference to our telephonic talk on your intention to come up with a common wall between our two houses at Chaitanyapuri, I would like to convey my acceptance subject to the following conditions:

Before beginning the work, the measurements of the boundaries should be taken accurately and the area to be given for construction should be fixed on mutual consent.  I am ready to bear 50% of the cost of the construction because it is for common cause.  .  Since I am not locally available, the entire responsibility to oversee the construction in a cost efficient manner and measurements lies with you.  We have to ink an agreement on a pre fixed cost for this work before the work commences and 50% of my share of expenditure will be paid at the time of the agreement.  You can come up with the offer at any time.

Yours sincerely,



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