Contract Agreement Letter

July 27, 2010

The Chief Executive Officer

M/s. Srivari Enterprises

Ambattur, Chennai

Dear Mr. Sridharan,

We received the contract for supply of FRP raw materials and thank you for the same.  Most of the terms and conditions seem to be in terms of the long discussion we had at your office.  Hence we accept the contract and will sign the papers once the following point is cleared.

You have mentioned in page 3, clause 6 that the entire amount due to us will be paid once the supply is made.  During our discussions we had mentioned that we would like to have a percentage of the amount due as advance to enable us to supply on time.  However, you have mentioned otherwise.  Kindly clarify regarding this. Otherwise, the rest of the document is okay with us.

We promise that we will deliver the best quality in the stipulated time.

Looking forward to a long and rewarding business contract.

Yours sincerely,

George Varghese


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