Acceptance Letter Format

Name of the Client

Designation of the client

Name of the Company

Dear MR/MS/MRS (name),

This first paragraph contains your acceptance with reference including date and source of communication, towards the offered opportunity by the reader. Your motive of writing letter should be clear to the concerned person. Mention little detail about the prospect. It should be clearly written without any error to avoid any miscommunication. Express your gratitude for long term awaited opening.

In second paragraph, discuss the necessary commitment and fixed details and talk about the decisions which have been taken by you and the reader. Tell them about your concern and excitement about the new opportunity. Ask if any details and records are needed to be initiated further on. The details mentioned in this section should be about the work commencement.

Third paragraph should incorporate your contact details and once again thanks the reader.

Close the letter with regards.

Your Name


Download Sample Acceptance Letter Format In Word Format

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