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Apology Letter To A Friend

It is difficult to say sorry in words but it’s easy to say sorry in writing, by writing you can freely say what you want in the letter without anyone interrupting you. It’s best to write a sorry letter to friend this will help you to gain his forgiveness and build your relation more strong. […]

Graduation Thank You letter

Mrs. Susain 154, Churton Street London, SW1 V 2LY Dear Mrs. Susain, Thank you so much for attending my graduation party held on April 4, 2010.  I am pleased that you came and shared my moments of success. You were my favourite teacher throughout my college session. You always inspired me as a kind and […]

Emotional Romantic Letter

To Anne, Gandhinagar, Raipur. My love, From the day we met and till date there is not a single day that we were apart from each other. We met every day; we used to move hand in hand together. But sweetheart I don’t how to stay it, but the matter of fact ; it is […]

Emotional Friendship Letter

August 6th 2010 Manish Sinha 36, Ramnagar Street Mumbai. Dear Manish, Please forgive me for quarrelling with you so badly last week. I am ashamed of myself for losing my temper over a silly reason and for calling you names. I didn’t mind that the other guys were taunting me. I only felt very bad […]

Sample Apology/Sorry love letter

Bina Singh 459, Pali Hill Mumbai 15th February, 2007. Dear Bina, Not for nothing is it said that ‘we hurt them most, whom we love most’. Today, please give me a chance to tell you the three most important words in any relationship: I am sorry. I know I have really hurt you with (my […]