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Write Admission Letter University

From, Marc Richards, E-2, Roaring Winds Apartments, Bridgetown Boulevard, Edinburgh To, Mr Spenser, Principal, Imperial Institute of Business Studies, Edinburgh Dear Mr Spenser, I, Marc Richards, am putting forward this letter as an application for admission in your esteemed institution for pursuing higher business studies. I have cleared my High School studies from Boston High […]

Promotional Letter, Service Business

Dear Our firm recently received an extremely favorable review from (name of publication), which we hope may be of some interest to you. In case you missed reading it, I have enclosed a copy with this letter. Since our service lends itself so well to your type of business, we would appreciate having an opportunity […]

Promissory Note Installment – With Acceleration Clause

PROMISSORY NOTE INSTALLMENT – WITH ACCELERATION CLAUSE __________(city, state, date)_____ FOR VALUE RECEIVED, WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, jointly and severally promise to pay, in lawful money of the United States of America, to the order of (name of lender) at (address of lender), (amount) ( ) Dollars in installments as follows: (amount of payment) on (date), […]

Emotional Farewell Letter

Hermoine Granger, 456, Hogsmede, New wales, USA. Dear Hermoine, How are you? I am doing well. As you know that my dad had passed away, I need to discontinue my studies and go back to my farm to carry on with our traditional family business.  My family is broken now. My mom hasn’t still gotten […]

Sample Responding To Justified Complaint: Missing Instruction Manual/Documents Letter

Responding To Justified Complaint: Missing Instruction Manual/Documents [DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998] [NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. John Smith XYZ Inc. 1234 First Street Suite 567 Anycity, Anystate  85245] Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith], Allow me to apologize for shipping you [PRODUCT(S), ex. our Magnaflux compressor] without including any documentation.  I am enclosing the […]