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Volunteers Request Letter

To: Mr. Timothy Anderson, Head of Department, University of Cornwell. 4th July, ’05. Dear Mr. Anderson, Our Foundation has undertaken the (Each one Teach one) drive. Our initiative can only be sustained with help of volunteers, who would be willing to spare atleast a couple of hours every week. I appeal to all (your students) […]

Sample Office Memo

To, Magnum Technologies Staff Subject: Voluntary Participation on Walkathon on 16 Feb 2010. The memo is to act as a notice to the employees about participating on the Walkathon event conducted by Wockhardt hospital. I would like to inform all the company staffs about the Walkathon program organized by Wockhardt hospital in our company campus. […]

Time Donation Letter

04 Aug 2010 Dear Friends and Family, As you all are aware I am currently working with the Moonlight charity to spread awareness about the foundation and to enrol members for their new batch of community projects which would involve teaching children and raising donations for the poor. As a member of the Moonlight Charity […]