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Time Donation Letter

04 Aug 2010 Dear Friends and Family, As you all are aware I am currently working with the Moonlight charity to spread awareness about the foundation and to enrol members for their new batch of community projects which would involve teaching children and raising donations for the poor. As a member of the Moonlight Charity […]

Fund raising Donation Letter Sample

05 March 2006 To Mr. Dennis Mark, 1-8/8A, Baker Street, Michigan Dear Mr. Mark, Hi. I am Yuri Gagarin and I am a volunteer with Deserve Charitable Trust. I am with this non profit organization since last year. We are collecting funds for the redesign of the homes for the poor. Earlier we had done […]

Tax Deductible Donation Letter Sample

19 January 2000 To Mr. Steven Turner, MD, CARE Hospitals, Minnesota Dear Mr. Turner, I am Dennis Wright and I represent the ONDC Trust. I have been given the reference of Mrs. Reed who has instructed me to write to you about the tax deductible donation prospects that our trust offers. Our trust offers these […]

Church Donation Letter Sample

20 September 2000 To Mr. Ronald Lewis, Manager, PureProfit Works, Kentucky Dear Mr. Lewis, I am Roger Depp and I represent the HolyTask Trust. We have built churches in the areas of Ohio, West Virginia in the past. This year we have decided to build a church in your area. We have so far collected […]

Charity Donation Letter Sample

To Mr. Mark Hall, Director, QMC Group, Iowa Dear Mr. Hall, I am Lara Cromwell and I am the principal of Wellesley Secondary school of education. We are a school with strength of five hundred. We at Wellesley help poor students with scholarships every year. The scholarship is named after the person or company that […]