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Sample Acceptance Letter

Name of the Client Designation of the client Name of the Company Dear MR/MS/MRS (name), This first paragraph contains your acceptance with reference including date and source of communication, towards the offered opportunity by the reader. Your motive of writing letter should be clear to the concerned person. Mention little detail about the prospect. It […]

Leave Acceptance Thank You letter

5th Aug 2009. Mr. Charles Prince, HR Manager, HCL Private Ltd, 5th Avenue, Prize Street, Melbourne. Dear Charles, I am writing this letter with the deep sense of gratitude as a consequence of your concern for your fellow workers and their good welfare. I would like to thank you for approving of my leave that […]

Sample Business Thank you Letter

Mr Andrews Smith 265 Baker Road Pastry Street 5th Avenue Block- G London United Kingdom 5th April, 2010 Re: Thanking you for your gift Dear Mr Smith, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your gift. I was really touched by your care and concern towards me. Would also like to […]

Thank you Letter Template

[Recipient’s name], [Recipient’s full designation in case it is official] [Recipient’s complete Address including pin code], [Date of the letter] Dear Concerned Person (always refer with first name in case of personal and in case of professional address by surname) Thank you so much for the lovely gift. I always wanted this gift (elaborate on […]

Thank you Letter Format

Sender’s Address Date Recipient’s Name Recipient’s Designation (If official) Recipient’s address goes here Re: Please put the full name and number in full Dear Concerned, (This is an important paragraph, as the reader gets introduced to your letter in this paragraph. Always start the letter with Thank you, so that the message to be conveyed […]