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Romantic letter to girlfriend

April 18, 2010 New Delhi Dear Pooja, Like the dew drops in the morning grass, your presence in my life fills me with freshness, hope and happiness. Like the softness of the evening breeze, your touch soothes and comforts me. Like the colours of the rainbow, your vibrant personality energises and lifts my spirits. Like […]

Best Friendship Letter

Prie Leonardo, #143, Fort Hill Avenue, Paris, France-87346. Dear Prie, How are you? I’m doing well. It’s been ten years, that we are friends now.  Longer the relation, more the memories. And on our 10th friendship anniversary, I would like to let you know how special you are to me! You are my best buddy […]

Farewell Letter To a Best Friend

August 4, 2010. Priyanka Sharma, Flat-1, Type-5, Nacharam, Hyderabad. Dear Priyanka,, How are you? I am doing well here. I am glad to inform you that, I got a job in a soft ware company in United States of America.  I have got my passport and visa ready. I am flying to night. Actually I […]

Restaurant Complaint Letter

To: Mr. Inder Kumar Manager Taste of India Restaurant New Jersey 17th March, 2008. Ref: Sub-standard Food Dear Mr. Kumar, I and my family had visited your restaurant on 16th March to celebrate my son’s promotion.  Unfortunately, the sub-standard food served in your restaurant really dampened our spirits. The dinner started off in a very […]