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Final Attempt Collection Letter

June 2, 2012 Name/Title Mary Roe Address 795 E Dragram City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705 Subject: Final attempt to collect your outstanding payment Dear Mr. Strong, This is to remind you that this our final reminder to you for the outstanding payment on your credit card number 1234. We have been trying to […]

Short Sale Hardship Letter Template pending

Attention Customer Service: Subject: Loan reference/file number of [names of borrower(s) appearing on loan documents] Property and/or mailing address I am writing because: [strike off whichever is inapplicable and tick against the one that is applicable] Due to the recent adjustment to the mortgage I currently have with your company, I am finding it difficult […]

Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement

Dear Your (name) Service Agreement has expired for the equipment that we installed on your premises. We have not received a remittance or a reply to our previous request for payment. Perhaps this was an oversight on your part, or perhaps your payment is in the mail. If you have not sent us your payment, […]

Second Request for Correction of Billing Error

Dear I received your letter, of (date) , in which you state that your records indicate my present balance owing is $ As of March 30th, I did, in fact, have an outstanding balance of $ On April 5th, I mailed a check to the store in the amount of $ When this payment failed […]

Stop payment

1234, Main Street Boston, MA 02123 05 April, 2005 <Recipient Address Goes Here> Hello, You are hereby requested to refuse payment upon presentation of the following check or draft on my account number <Account Number>: Check Number: <Check Number> Check Date: <Check Date> Amount: <$Check Amount> Payee: <Name of Payee> If this check has already […]