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Teacher Appreciation Letter

Mr. Mark Anthoney Head of the Department- History Wales Collage of Fine Arts Dear Mr. Anthoney, I am writing you this letter to appreciate your efforts for my admission and for paying my first semester fees when I was really in need of it. Without your kindness and timely support, it would not have been […]

Christmas Letter to a Daughter

3rd August 2010, Maya Sinha H.No 5/9/1, Gouthaminagar, Starigh Streer Hyderabad. My dear daughter Maya, From the day we found out we were expecting you, we knew that god has chosen you for our family, you will always be my little girl. You have enchanted me since the day we met. But you are growing […]

Christmas Letter Template

The Christmas Season has arrived once again and it is the time that we all celebrate the birth of the King and a season to remember old friends, relatives and former colleagues.  The best way to do this is not by a text message, a phone call or an email, the best way to show […]

Graduation Thank You letter

Mrs. Susain 154, Churton Street London, SW1 V 2LY Dear Mrs. Susain, Thank you so much for attending my graduation party held on April 4, 2010.  I am pleased that you came and shared my moments of success. You were my favourite teacher throughout my college session. You always inspired me as a kind and […]

Thank you Letter Business Gift

Mr Andrews Senior Vice President Walmart 63 Avenue Lane Bonds Street Block B London United Kingdom 12th April,2010. Dear Mr Andrews, Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful pen set gifted by you. I must admit, that I had always admired this particular pen set from Cartier but could never make […]