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Christmas Letter to Uncle

15, Stalk Lane, Pantaloon Street, Stockholm, Sweden. Dear Uncle Peter, How are you? Hope you and aunt Jennet are having fun in your new house. We are very much excited to visit your new Villa. Uncle you know what!! You are my mentor. You were always there whenever I needed you. You have always guided […]

Wedding Invitation Thank You letter

August 6th, 2010. Jane Anderson, 56, golden wing, Kings cross, London. Dear Jane, How are you?  I am doing well. I was immensely pleased to receive a wedding invitation from you yesterday. Thank you so much for remembering and inviting me for your marriage. I never expected you to marry so soon. Attached to the […]

Sample Thank You Letter

Mrs Stella Bown 56Park Avenue Block No 46 Street 5 London United Kingdom Dear Mrs Stella Bown, I just came back home to discover a beautiful flower pot with a note from your side. Thank you so much for such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I was touched by the fact that you cared and […]

Thank you letter Wedding Gift

Samantha Croft 56 Lee Road 2 Twist Street Bonds Lane London United Kingdom 12th April, 2010. Dear Samatha, Thank you so much for accepting my invitation and gracing the occasion of our wedding. Roid’s and yours presence made a lot of difference to our special day. Thanks for making the day all the more memorable […]