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Scholarship donor thank you letter

Ryan Rodriquez MD General Motors 32 Stinking Rich Avenue Gold house London Dear Mr Rodriquez, Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a commerce student pursuing a three year course from Thames University. Currently I am in the last year of the course and expecting to get my degree by August end. I have always […]

Scholarship appreciation letter

Mr Ryan Mathews 5Th Avenue Old Building London Dear Mr Mathews, As you are aware of the fact, London School of Economics lays a lot of focus on nurturing latent talent. Our alumni have made a name for us worldwide and we are associated with only the best. Recently, we had given advertisement in London […]

Scholarship Rejection letter

23 Swinhoe Street Upper Class Society Mango Grove House No: 47 2nd Street London United Kingdom. Dear Mr Mathews Adams, As you are aware of the fact, that our prestigious art Institute- Dames College is constantly on the lookout for promoting talent. In our endeavour to do so, we offer 15 scholarships to interested students […]

Sample Scholarship letter

To, Aarti Raja, Head of Live your Dream Foundation, Mumbai Dear Ma’am, I request you to kindly accept my application for the Live your Dream Scholarship which was made available through your education and career website last week. For your information, I have just finished my Master’s Degree in Conflict Studies and I am currently […]