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Sample Acceptance Letter Template

To (Name of the client to whom you are writing a letter) (Client’s designation) (Company Name of the company) (Address for the Company) Dear (Title of the of the concerned person), I am writing you this letter with reference of (give suitable reference for writing the letter. Confirm your acceptance clearly in the letter. Do […]

Sample Sympathy Letter

Mr. Anthony Burrel 2-C, First Wing Loss Angles, America Dear Mr. Burrel, I feel heartbroken to read your e- mail that you are affected by a dangerous disease. I am still in shock while writing this letter. Last time when I met you, two months ago, you seemed to be fit and healthy. I wish […]

Sample Good Bye Letters

Good bye letters are important in the sense that they can help you sum up your feelings while leaving a work place or a neighbourhood.  It is a good way of keeping the people you have interacted with, informed about your departure. There is no need to go into rambling details about the reasons for […]

Writing complaint letter

The most important thing that a person writing a complaint letter should remember is that he is going to hurt somebody’s feelings after the letter is done with. So putting aside the bias he should clearly concentrate on the issue in hand rather than bludgeoning the person responsible for the complaint. Another fact that needs […]

How To Write a Contratulations Letter

It is customary to write Congratulations Letters to our relatives, close friends, colleagues and business associates on events such as birth, marriage, graduation from school/college, securing a job/promotion, success of business venture etc to show feelings of friendship, affection and happiness in the well being and prosperity of the recipient. One should not write Congratulatory […]