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Sample Sorry Letter to Cousin

May 16, 2008 Ms. Berna Garner 3948 Tree Hill West valley, Ohio 9948 Dear Cousin Berna: I would like to apologize for breaking your ipod yesterday. I came across the ipod in your room when you had left for church and decided to use it. Later during the day I took it with me for […]

Letter To Girlfriend

Clara Jacob 116, Vincent Road, New England. Dear Clara, I have been thinking of you so often ever since you left for your cousin’s place. I was trying to write to you all of last week, but could only get around to it now. How is your cousin doing? Is her allergy better, I hope […]

Farewell Letter To Cousin

Ms. Pivari Jitesh Nai Chungi, Jajmau Kanpur – 208010 April 8, 2010 Ms. Gunjika Jitesh Rajivpuram, Kanpur H O Kanpur – 208001 Dearest cousin, Mother has told me that you are leaving town with your American husband soon.  I am so happy for you to have finally found the man of your dreams and be […]