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Sample Confirming-Attendance Letter

To: Andrew Swift, Project Manager, Media Outlook, 134, Harrison Road, Birmingham. 7th November ’06. Dear Mr. Swift, I am in receipt of your invitation for the (launch of your new magazine).  I am pleased to inform you that I shall be able to attend (the launch party). Please accept my congratulations and best wishes for […]

Job Invitation Letter

To: Rebecca Winter, 156, High Street, Bristol. 30th January, ’07. Dear Ms. Winter, On behalf of (Global Software Systems), let me congratulate you on being selected for the position of (Project Manager) in our company. I hereby invite you to join our company and wish you the very best for your new role here. For […]

Job Promotion Congratulation Letter

2nd July, 2010 Ranadheer Mulukalapally 23E/7 Laxmi Nivas Apartments South Province Road, Koti,  Hyderabad  500014 Andhra Pradesh Dear Ranadheer, We are happy to tell you that you have been promoted to the post of Senior Software Engineer in our organization. Please accept heartiest congratulations from our team on this achievement. Your responsibilities will expand in […]

Sample Pregnancy Announcement Letter

August 2, 2010 Col. Rajendra Kumar, 36, Light Infantry, C/o. 56 APO. Rajasthan. My dear son, Hope everything is alright with you on the war front.  I feel proud of your service to the nation against all odds.  Here, we are all fine and doing well.  Especially, my daughter in law, Ragini is daily dreaming […]

Sample Baby Announcement Letter

August 2, 2010 Mr.  Radheshyam Niranjan, Senior Systems Manager, CMC Ltd., Bangalore. Hello my dear friend, Hope this letter finds you in great cheers as this letter itself is bringing the same. How is the job and how is Anuradha and the kid?  Kindly convey my best wishes to them. The great news I am […]