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Sample Accounting Manager (General) Resume

ACCOUNTING MANAGER (General) Following is the sample resume for the post of accounting manager; this resume contains candidate’s date-wise experiences and qualifications. The dates and addresses are just for your reference they may be fictitious.   Bill Grid 173, Pecos Road Nevada, LV. 01234 (123) 456 789 EXPERIENCE :   1990-Present Town and country bank, […]

Sample Accountant Resume

Accountant Below is the sample accountant resume that contains candidate’s qualifications, experience, skills he gained. They are represented in bold and caps format which helps it easy to understand. Mike Boyle 288, Palisade Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306 (201) 555 2938 PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE Seeking for an employment as a audit intern with a leading account […]

Letter of Intent Form

To, Recipient’s Name: Recipient’s Title: Company’s Name: Date: Dear (Put the recipient’s name and title i.e. Mrs., Miss, Mr., etc. or address generally) We, (name of company), hereby confirm with full responsibility and under penalty of perjury that we are prepared to enter into a contract for the purchase of the following articles as specified […]

Letter of Agreement Form

July 28, 2010 To Whomsoever it May Concern This agreement is made on 28 July 2010. BETWEEN: 1.  M/s.  Ganesh Rubber Works, Annanagar, Chennai. 2.  M/s. Tubes and Tyres, Ambattur, Chennai. IT IS HEREBY AGREED as follows: That in consideration of the mutual terms and conditions to be adhered to by the said parties, the […]

Proposal Letter To Company

August 10, 2010 SAP Group, Cape Town, 59162- Collos. Hello sir, As per your requirement we are sending the proposal to you. We shall prepare 1500 new generation books for publication by you, combining materials from different ABC series to form a new series targeting the present market. The cost of production of this new […]