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Termination Letter to Teacher

Mr. Daniel Totter, Ellen Educational Institutions, 32- Hanging Street, New York, USA. Dear Mr. Daniel, We feel very sorry to inform you that you are being terminated from the Ellen educational institutions and this has been decided the board of members with respect to very low pass percentage from your class, which is reflecting your […]

Termination Letter for Non Performance

Mr. David Dale, Marketing Manager, SVS solutions, United Kingdom. Mr. David Dale, We feel very sorry to inform you that you have been terminated from this company for your poor performance. The committee has taken the decision to terminate employees whose performance is poor for the past 6 months and the chart listed accordingly ranks […]

Employment Contract Termination Letter

5th October, 2009 Mrs. Kelley Weasley, Flat no 204, Queen Victoria House, Manchester, England. Dear Kelley, We would like to inform you that, the board meeting held on 2nd October, presided over by our Chairman, has decided to terminate your contract of service due to the following reasons. Basically, your quality of work has been […]

Christmas Letter to Employees

A Christmas letter to employee is written by the employers or board of management to appreciate the efforts by employees in service delivery and wish them successful and happy Christmas holidays.┬áHere is a sample; To all employees of the Macquarie Groups of Hotels, The Macquarie Groups of Hotel Board of Directors would like to extend […]