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Apology Letter For Bad Service

Apology letter for bad service is usually written to customer by the company or service provider. When a customer is not satisfied with the service or product, he writes the complain letter to the company. And in response to this letter the company writes an apology letter if the company is on fault. Apology letter […]

Complaint Letters

Complaint letters are an effective way of expressing the customer’s/consumer’s dissatisfaction with a product or service.  They are better than a verbal complaint as the written word always yields more power than a verbal one.  Here are a few tips to help you write an effective Complaint letter: One of the most important things while […]

Complaint Letter to the Airlines

To The Manager Customer Service Department Bangalore International Airport Fish King Airlines Subject: Complaint letter against staff’s misbehavior Hello Sir / Madam, This is a gentle effort to bring to your notice one of the most unexpected returns of hospitality. You are counted as one of the best and luxurious airline services in India, claiming […]

Sample Warning #1: Bad Behavior Letter

Warning #1: Bad Behavior To:                    [NAME, ex. John Smith] From:                [YOUR NAME] Date:                [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998] Subject:            [NATURE OF BAD BEHAVIOR, ex. Customer Complaints] We value your work with us as an employee, and we hope we can continue procuring your services on mutually-beneficial terms.  As we discussed on [DATE, ex. June 10, […]