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Free Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Andrews, This letter is to inform you and the company that I have received an invitation by another company that will enable me to do what I have always wanted to in my career-sales. I have decided to take up the opportunity. I am therefore tendering my resignation from Miami Sweets Company. My […]

Sales Resignation Letter

14th June 2007Dear Mr Johnson, RE: RESIGNATION LETTER I would wish to resign from my salesman position at Great Car Deals Company. I tender my resignation letter today and my last working date will be 30th June 2007. I therefore give a period of 2 weeks for my notice. I will be joining Cars-R-Us Car […]

Job Resignation Letter

15 July 2007 Dear Mrs. MacKaine: RE: JOB RESIGNATION LETTER This letter is to inform the company that I have been presented with a business proposal to enable me work in my preferred area of business, which is accounting. I therefore wish to tender my resignation from my position here at Sypone’s Printers and Stationers […]