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Employee Resignation Letter

Peter Mussa 5 Sheldon Square Sheldon, 30W G35 United Kingdom 23 June 2006 Tom Jerry 4 Disney Street Florida LA Dear Mr. Jerry: This letter confirms that I will be resigning as Manager of Operations at Bright Sports Limited. My last day of employment is 15 July 2006. This follows my acceptance of a new […]

Letter of Resignation

2 June 2006 Dear Sir: RE: LETTER OF RESIGNATION I wish to tender my resignation as at 30 June 2006. I therefore give month’s notice as stipulated in my employment contract. My husband has been promoted and eventually transferred to Atlanta. I wish to join him there as the commute between my job place and […]

Good Bye Resignation Letter

To, David Hitchson 115, Sunnyvile, Willward, CA Dear David, You must be aware of my resignation news however I would like to personally wish to inform you that I would be resigning from my position at XYZ Inc as Sales executive and joining as sales manager at Big leap Inc. All across my tenure here […]

Employee Farewell Letter

Jim Poonja New Delhi India 16th May 2008 Lakshmi Joe Marketing Executive MarketIndia Company New Delhi India. Dear Mr. Poonja, For 12 years, you have proved to be a valued and trusted employee of MarketIndia Company. Without your effective sales efforts, we would not have attained the current market size. During your tenure, we managed […]