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Letter requesting reconsideration of denial of credit

1234, Main Street Boston, MA 02123 04 April, 2005 <Recipient Address Goes Here> Hello, My application for a line of credit was recently denied on the basis of my credit report. Since the denial, I have received a copy of my credit report and have identified several items which were incorrect. <description> I have brought […]

Hardship Letter To The Bank

June 8, 2012 Name/Title Mary Roe Address 795 E Dragram City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705 Respected Mr. Roth, This letter is to request you to reduce my interest rate on loan that I have taken from bank for my house. I am having problem in making monthly loan payment, I have two son, […]

Loss Mitigation Hardship Letter

4th October 2010 Bob Christo and Smith Janes, 234 Any Street,Pennsylvania, State 12345 Tom Jones, USALender,                                                                                                                         567 Anywhere Avenue, Suite A, Penssylvani, State 12345 Re: My Loan Number 180-365-908 Dear Mr. Jones, We are contacting you today to request for a loan modification or short sale of our property located at (insert address, city, state […]

Foreclosure Hardship Letter

Date 4th May, 2012 Name/Title Mary Roe Address 795 E Dragram City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705 Dear Mr. James, We request a foreclosure for our property located at 3456, Regency Classics,St. Michaels Road,New York. We thank you for the opportunity given to us to explain the circumstances under which we have been unable […]

American Application Letter

As far as American application letter is concerned it is like simple application letter that your write whenever you are seeking job, admission, service etc. However, you can follow the following format as far as American application letter is concerned. Name of the Sender Address of the Sender Date Name of Recipient, Designation, Name of […]