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Complaint for replacement product

1234, Main Street Boston, MA 02123 03/17/05 <Recipient Address Goes Here> Hello. <time you purchased the product> I purchased <product purchased> from your company. Since that time I have found that it <description>. The <product purchased> is necessary for my <use for product> so rather than ask for a refund, I need a replacement as […]

Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

Members of Staff, Mumbai Roads Construction Limited, Navi Mumbai. Dear All, I would like to let you people know that today is my last day of work at Mumbai Road Constructions Ltd. As I have brought it to the notice of everyone earlier that I would work for Construction Associates Bombay from here on, my […]

Apology Letter for Wait in Service Delivery

30th July 2010, Mr. Naveen 11-13-170 Dwaraka nagar rd no 2. Hyderabad-35 Dear Naveen, This is to acknowledge you that we are unable to make delivery on the referenced purchase order [order number] on the date [Date] indicated. The delay was caused due to an unexpected shipment delay from our overseas suppliers. In our effort […]