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Request for Verification of Deposit

REQUEST FOR VERIFICATION OF DEPOSIT Applicant____________________ Address______________________ City_________________________ Loan No._____________________ Escrow No.___________________ Gentlemen: I have applied for a (form of loan) loan to be made by (name of lending institution) I shall appreciate your completing the Deposit Verification for their confidential use and forwarding it to: (name of institution) Statement of Account (address) Type of […]

Request for Advice

Dear Frankly, I need your advice on a matter of great concern to the employees at the local manufacturing facility. It seems the constant rumors of a corporate takeover are filtering down to the general work force, and the loyalty may soon falter. I have heard of some employees submitting their applications to our competitors. […]

Sample Official Email

To: Cc: Bcc: Subject: Reminder for the CubeQ Systems file Dear Ms. Rose, I am writing to you to remind you that the CubeQ systems file requested by the onsite team has not been sent to them yet. I must remind you that they are at a loss of information from our end and […]

Official Document/Contract Request Letter

To: Department of Property Records, Main Street, Bristol. 18th March, ’07. Dear Sir/Madam, This is with reference to the (Property Documents of House no. 17, Bell View Apartments, Richmond Street). I have lost the (original documents in a fire) so, I request you to kindly issue a copy of the original documents. I would be […]

Recommendation Letter For Internship

The General Manager, Visakhapatnam Air Port, Visakhapatnam. Dear Sir, I am sending herewith a team of ten boys, the third year students of Aeronautical Engineering from our institution for ten-day internship with your network to enable them to have their mini project as part of the fulfillment of their academic requirements. The team consists of […]