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Bonus Announcement Letter

March 13, 2011 Dear Employees, It is immense pleasure to announce two months bonus salary for our employees. You will be rewarded with such bonus in the next month. This is announcement has been made keeping in mind the upcoming Christmas vacation. We want that our employees do not face any financial crunch in enjoying […]

Apology Letter To Staff

From, Mr Collins, Head of Marketing Department, KBS Communications Ltd To, Marketing department Staff, KBS Communications Ltd Dear people, I, Mr Collins, head of the marketing department of KBS Communications Ltd, am writing this letter to convey my apologies to all my staff people for announcing that the bonus which has been promised has to […]

Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation

Dear This has been a difficult year for the ( Name of Company ). I am sure that you all know that the loss of our three contracts with the United States Air Force, due to the cut-back in defense appropriations, hurt us substantially. In July, we had a major decision to make. The question […]

Notice to Employee Unqualified for Xmas Bonus

Dear Each of our employees who has been with our firm for a period of six months or more receives a Christmas bonus. Since you became a member of our sales department on August 1st, you will not be receiving a bonus this year. I wanted to be sure that you understood this company policy […]

Company Bonus Letter

Dear The presentation you prepared for the (description of project) was truly outstanding. There is no doubt that we were awarded this project due to your fine work. Please accept the enclosed check as our way of saying thank you for a job well done. Download Company Bonus Letter in Word Format Top Sample Letters […]