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Office Memo Format

To, Staffs and of Smart Movement Technologies Washington DC, US – 369741 From, Fernandez Alstar, CEO 18.09.2010 Subject: Rules of Wearing Identity Cards As required by the company, all the staffs of Smart Movement Technologies members are required to carry their identity card. This will help the management to give distinct identity fro staff members, […]

Office Memo Template

To, Members and Staff of Tacoma Technologies From, Brian Bounder, CEO 26th March 2010 Subject: Meeting Arranged on 01.04.2010 On April 1, 2010, the company is planning to arrange a meeting with the managers, team leaders as well as staffs of the company. The meeting mainly focuses on the important aspects that should be considered […]

Sample Office Memo

To, Magnum Technologies Staff Subject: Voluntary Participation on Walkathon on 16 Feb 2010. The memo is to act as a notice to the employees about participating on the Walkathon event conducted by Wockhardt hospital. I would like to inform all the company staffs about the Walkathon program organized by Wockhardt hospital in our company campus. […]

Confidentiality Agreement Between Firms

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT BETWEEN FIRMS AGREEMENT and acknowledgement between _ (Company), and _ (Undersigned). Whereas, the Company agrees to furnish the undersigned certain confidential information relating to the affairs of the Company for purposes of: (Describe) _ ,and Whereas, the undersigned agrees to review, examine, inspect or obtain such information only for the purposes described above, […]

Sample Warning #2: Bad Behavior Letter

Warning #2: Bad Behavior To:                    [NAME, ex. John Smith] From:                [YOUR NAME] Date:                [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998] Subject:            [NATURE OF BAD BEHAVIOR, ex. Customer Complaints] [NAME, ex. John], unfortunately, it has again come to my attention [STATE NATURE OF BAD BEHAVIOR, ex. that customers are complaining of rudeness on your part].  You know the […]