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To, Eric Petty, Managing Director From, Ryan Anderson, Community Development Department Ohio, US-976859 31.06.2010 Subject: Discussion of the Comprehensive Plans of Company’s Growth The management has decided to conduct a meeting on 10.07.2010. The meeting will be mainly focusing on the comprehensive solutions provided by the experts and management to grow the company in this […]

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To, Members and Staff of Tacoma Technologies From, Brian Bounder, CEO 26th March 2010 Subject: Meeting Arranged on 01.04.2010 On April 1, 2010, the company is planning to arrange a meeting with the managers, team leaders as well as staffs of the company. The meeting mainly focuses on the important aspects that should be considered […]

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To, John Abraham, J & K Associates, Illinois, US From, Albert Johnson Greenway Technologies California Re: Call Conducted with Clients on 16.11.2010 Mr. John I am sending you this memo to convey the messages and demands send by our clients. The clients are asking to improve the quantity of the packages we send. Therefore, it […]