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Email For Leave

Writing letters can seem to be an old-fashioned method in the day of high-tech communication gadgets. However, the written word definitely yields more power than the spoken word and can always stand up to the test of time. Writing letters can be a daunting task and it can appear more so, depending on the reasons […]

Maternity Leave Request Letter

Sarah Jones Head of operations Prudential ICICI AMC Kingston place, Mathew place London, United Kingdom. 13th April, 2010. Re: Application for Maternity Leave Dear Mrs Jones, This is to inform you , that I am 8 months pregnant and my first child is due in mid may 2010.I would request you to grant me maternity […]

Leave Application E-mail

To Ms. Sharon Turner, Michigan Dear Ms. Turner, I am writing to you to request you to grant me a leave for ten days starting this Friday. My daughter has been admitted in the hospital and needs to be taken care of. She has been diagnosed pneumonia and had to be admitted for further tests. […]

How to Write a Business Letter

A business letter consists mainly of the following among many other features: At the top is contact Information of the sender and receiver, usually a physical address or an email address, or both. This is closely followed by the salutation. It pays to know the gender or name of the addressee. Then we have the […]

Goodbye Farewell Letter

5th July, 2010 To, Coworkers / Friends KLN Inc, Sky Arch St. Louise,MI-6509 Dear Friends: As many of you know that I have accepted new position in London with BP Inc, hence will be leaving in two weeks time. I request every one of this company to please consider this letter as my sincere and […]