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Congratulation Letter on Becoming Grandfather

21st June, 2010 Benjamin Lobo 65/132 Bellmont Apartments Fatima Nagar Pune 411087 Maharashtra Dear Mr.Lobo, Kindly accept my heartiest congratulations on becoming grandfather. I am overwhelmed with happiness as I come to know that your daughter in law has given birth to a beautiful girl child. I wish you are having great pleasure, in not […]

Adoption Recommendation Letter

This letter is to willfully recommend my daughter, Rosy Woods, and her husband, Mark Goldsmith as adoptive parents. My daughter has always dreamt of having children since she was a little kid, and even with her own siblings she has always maintained an age-appropriate caretaker role. She was the only one who was able to […]

Sample Pregnancy Announcement Letter

August 2, 2010 Col. Rajendra Kumar, 36, Light Infantry, C/o. 56 APO. Rajasthan. My dear son, Hope everything is alright with you on the war front.  I feel proud of your service to the nation against all odds.  Here, we are all fine and doing well.  Especially, my daughter in law, Ragini is daily dreaming […]