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Student Scholarship Letter

7th August 2010 To, The Principal, Dr. Ambedkar College, Hyderabad. Respected Sir, I am Rajesh Tiwari, studying in the first year of my B.Com.  Sir, I am requesting you through this letter to kindly support my studies with a scholarship as I belong to a very poor family.  My father is a street vendor and […]

Adoption Recommendation Letter

This letter is to willfully recommend my daughter, Rosy Woods, and her husband, Mark Goldsmith as adoptive parents. My daughter has always dreamt of having children since she was a little kid, and even with her own siblings she has always maintained an age-appropriate caretaker role. She was the only one who was able to […]

Letter To a Distant Friend

Pasha Louis 456, Al Habib Street, Dubai. Hi Pasha, How is life in Dubai? How are you finding work in the Oil Company? Are they sending you out to desert-sites, too!? Have you made any friends over there? Did you find any Indians in your department? Back home, we all miss you a lot, especially […]

Sample General Friendship Letter

August 3rd 2010 Hi Prakash, How are things with you? It has been a long time since we last met and I have found just enough time to write to you today before falling asleep! When is your computer-course set for completion? Do you plan to study for certification too or would you rather go […]

Farewell Letter To Brother

Mr. Fanindra Koduri Bilga, Jalandhar, 144036 June 17, 2010 Mr. Fanish Koduri Keshav Nagar, Kanpur H O Kanpur – 208001 Dear brother, It is with a happy heart that I say farewell to you now.  I am happy to tell you that I have been accepted for Masteral studies in the United States and I […]