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Announcement of employee leaving to start business

<date> Contact: <contact information> <release timing> <HEADLINE> <DATELINE>–Abc Company encourages the enterprising spirit in all of its employees, and so we are pleased to announce that <departing employee> is leaving the company to begin <his/her> own startup <type of business> company. <details about person> A replacement for <last name> has not been determined. For more […]

Announcement of employee leaving company

<date> Contact: <contact information> <release timing> <HEADLINE> <DATELINE>–<company name> regretfully announces that <employee name> will no longer be employed by the company after <termination date>. <last name>, who has spent <years employed> as <company name>’s <position>, will be moving on to other opportunities. <why person is leaving> A replacement for <employee name> has not been […]