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Reply Canceling Unfilled Order

Dear I am in receipt of your correspondence noticing us that there will be a two week delay in the shipment of the above referenced merchandise. This delay is unacceptable and we are therefore canceling our purchase order number (number) for the above items. Download Reply Canceling Unfilled Order in Word Format Top Sample Letters […]

Reply and Referral to Distributor

Dear Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding where our products can be purchased in your country. We have not yet established foreign distribution for our products, and therefore they can only be presently purchased from our United States distributor. If you are interested in placing an order for any of our merchandise, please direct […]

Business Letter for Quotation

To, M/s Ghosh Paper Works Kolkata, WB Subject: Business letter for Quotation Sirs, This gives us immense pleasure to apprise you that we are going to publish a big volume of printed matters in the next quarter. For successful completion of the huge job we will require tons of papers of common A4 and legal […]

Explanation for Delay of Partial Shipment

Dear After some investigation, I believe that we have found the source of the problem that led us to our misunderstanding on (date) When we received your purchase order for (quantity, product), we were unable to fill the order for immediate delivery due to (explanation for delay in delivery) Our letter informing you of this […]