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Second collection stronger reminder

1234, Main Street Boston, MA 02123 03/16/05 <Recipient Address Goes Here> Hello. Unfortunately, we still haven’t received your payment of <$amount> on invoice number <invoice number> dated <date of original invoice>. Because your account is <period of time> past due, we <consequences of having an overdue account>. If you are unable to pay the full […]

First collection reminder

1234, Main Street Boston, MA 02123 03/16/05 <Recipient Address Goes Here> Hello. Would you please check your records? As of <date checked> we had not yet received your payment. You currently have an outstanding balance of <$amount>. This amount was due on <date payment was due> (please refer to invoice number <invoice number>). If you […]

Sample Official Email

To: Cc: Bcc: Subject: Reminder for the CubeQ Systems file Dear Ms. Rose, I am writing to you to remind you that the CubeQ systems file requested by the onsite team has not been sent to them yet. I must remind you that they are at a loss of information from our end and […]

Christmas Letter to Sister

3rd August 2010, M.Joe 13th Palmdale Street, Awkward Lane California. Dear Joe, The Christmas season has arrived once again and it is time, that we all celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus. The Christmas season is truly special for all. Thank you for the lovely Christmas gift you got me. With all the running […]

Cheque Book Request Letter

14th April, 2010 Mr. Jeff Watson, Branch Manager, Union Bank of Manchester, Manchester, USA Dear Jeff Watson, I am happy to inform you that I am extremely pleased with the kind of service your bank imparts to its customers. Honestly I think it is very customer friendly in dealing with bank affairs. I have recently […]