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Business Proposal Cover Letter

Sniper Lawn Relationships Manager ABC Bank Small, Town, MA 22222 Dear Mr. Lawn Enclosed herein is the proposal you requested, titled:  Funding youth enterprise for growth. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank you, together with other members of your team for the immeasurable efforts you offered in helping me draft this business proposal […]

Scholarship Request Letter

Mr Sand Bullock Baker Lane Pastry Avenue London United Kingdom Dear Mr Bullock, We are proud to announce that our college Baker Institute has chosen you as our candidate to sponsor. Baker Institute is an esteemed college that churns out well known cooks and bakers year after year. Each year, thousands of people apply for […]

Letter of Intent for Grants

Aug 13th 2010 Mr. Will Smith, Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources, 2130, Clarence Avenue, Arlington, VA 22261. Subject: PEG Letter of Intent Dear Mr. Smith, I submit this Letter of Intent to apprize the Park and Recreation Commission the Urban Development Association’s intent to submit a proposal for the FY2007 Park Enhancement Grant […]

Letter Of Intent For Construction

April 10th 2010, Mr. Anthony Gonzalez, Constructive consultancies Ltd, 21st baker Street, London, UK. Dear Mr. Anthony, [Subject: Letter Of Intent for Bridge construction project] Very warm greetings. We are immensely pleased to inform you that, your construction company has won the bid for the Bridge Construction project. You have been allotted a preliminary funding […]

Donation Letter for Special Project

Mr. Green The CEO XYZ Street Sub: Request for Donation Dear Mr. Green, I am writing to you on behalf of my team of 5 members including me and we are specialising the field of Robotics. We have taken up a special project in the area of Robotics that might be of interest to you […]